Current Exhibitions

Rugby's Coronations

26 April - 23 September 2023

To celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty The King we look back at past Coronation celebrations in Rugby including Elizabeth II in 1953 and George VI in 1937 and what the town did to celebrate.

Join our Club

1 October to 23 September 2023

A fascinating display looking at clubs, societies and associations in Rugby from sports to scouts. These objects have been donated by local people to the museum since collecting began in 1999.

Current Exhibitions

Jason and his Argonauts on Tour

A History of Rugby in 50 Objects

Picturing Rugby

Floor One

Floor One Gallery

The Floor One Gallery showcases the work of local artists.
The exhibitions change  fortnightly and show a wide variation in techniques and style. Upcoming exhibitions can be seen via the link below. 

The Balcony Gallery

The Balcony Gallery is a recently introduced exhibition space showcasing freelance artists.
The Balcony space has a gallery wall that immediately catches the visitor's eye.  Exhibitions change  monthly and show a wide variation in techniques and style. The exhibition listings for 2024 are currently  being finalised

The Moat Gallery

Our newest space for local artists. This summer, a brand new open air art experience is blooming in the heart of Rugby.  We're currently seeking applications from local artists to participate in our debut season.  There is no hire fee.

Coming Soon

The World of Fire and Ice
15 September to 16 November 2024

The World of Fire and Ice uses the power of visual imagery to focus our attention on our energy use and industrial intrusions into wild nature.  The exhibition begins in the distant past and takes us into the far future, but it mainly presents us with the issues of 'the now', from the melting of the polar ice caps to our efforts to reverse environmental harms due to our burgeoning energy use. The artists provoke us to learn more, not just about the fragility of nature or the sources of our energy, but our profound dependence upon them both.
The exhibition is thought-provoking, worrying and hopeful in equal terms, bringing together science, art and the need for whole-society action as the only route to solving the energy crisis.

Detail from Craters of Laki, Iceland, 2011

Rugby Open 2024

23 November to 15 February 2025 (closing date TBC)

Your Story Your Collection

28 February to 22 April 203

This new exhibition reveals there's no place like home.

Your Story, Your Collection celebrates our sense of belonging and the factors which combine to make our 'home' - from people and places to memories and stories.

The art gallery and museum launched the social history project to capture a picture of Rugby in the 2020s - forging new creative partnerships and giving unheard stories a voice.

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