For Home and Country


For Home and Country Women’s Institute Badge
The Women's Institute started in Canada in 1897.  The first Women’s Institute group in the UK was set up in 1915 to help the war effort during the First World War. Members often organised activities such as country walks and tea parties to help keep evacuee children occupied and entertained. 
Today their purpose is bringing women together, providing educational opportunities and the chance to make a difference in their communities.
This badge was worn throughout the Second World War. On the left-hand side there is a red rose to depict the British group and on the right-hand side there is a red maple leaf to represent Canada.  It was made by W.O. Lewis (Badges) Ltd in Birmingham.
It was worn by Brenda Clayton (nee Whittaker) who worked for three years at Normandy Farm near Rugby Radio Station with the Women's Land Army during the war. She remembered seeing bombers flying overhead and Coventry burning in the distance during The Blitz. 
This badge is on display in our current exhibition Join Our Club until 23rd September.