Fit for a King

Tin money box


To mark the Coronation of King Charles III this month’s object of the month is a souvenir from the last King’s coronation in 1937.

This small tin was produced by Oxo as a memento for the Coronation of King George VI. It features a double portrait of the new King and royal consort Elizabeth.  It originally held 6 Oxo cubes and has a slit along the lid for it to be re-used as a souvenir money box. Also on the box are illustrations of a rose, daffodil, thistle, and shamrock to represent the countries of the United Kingdom.

Oxo first produced cubes in 1910, making beef extract into a convenient and cheap product for the savvy housewife. The company sought innovative ways to publicise the brand whether adding ‘OXO’ to the tower of their building on South Bank, London, being one of the first sponsors of the Olympic games (at the London Olympics in 1908) or producing souvenir tins such as this one.

In May 1937 King George VI was crowned. He had not been the heir until his brother (Edward VIII) had abdicated in December 1936 in order to marry Wallis Simpson, but the date of the 12th May was kept the same for the coronation ceremony.  

In Rugby there were many celebrations including a procession through town, Punch and Judy shows, musical performances and fireworks displays.

This money box is on display in our current local history exhibition Rugby’s Coronations which is on until 23rd September.