Cigarette Card

The British Thomson-Houston RUFC

This month’s object of the month is a cigarette photocard featuring British Thomson- Houston (BTH) RUFC team. It was produced in 1936 by the Ardath Tobacco Company. It is number 8 (of 110) in Series E ‘Midlands Football Teams’ produced by the company. Also in the same series was the BTH Football Club. 

On the reverse of the card are listed the names of club members. The photograph was taken outside the BTH recreation clubhouse on Hillmorton Road in Rugby recognisable from the beautiful glass door and brick archway. 

The rugby team at BTH was founded in 1923 and was one of a number of sports teams and social clubs at the company.  

In the 1930s many major cigarette brands contained cards in their packets. These were avidly collected and traded by both adults and children. Along with sports teams, other series featured: the royal family, politicians, film stars, animals and famous landmarks. 

This card and the history of clubs and societies in Rugby is on display in our current exhibition Join Our Club on until the 23rd September. 

Left to right, back row: A.Chesterton, E.Haywood, M.Rees.
Middle row: B. Taylor (Sec.), A. King, R. Chilsholm, P. Ruggles, T. Procter, W. Ingram, S. Wallace, R. Barker, E. Aust, L. Ward (Referee).
Front Row: G. Wright, T. Cook, R. Ellis, G. Bellamy, R. Longland (Capt.). K. Kinchin, E. Hatton, W. Perry.