Book Cover Competition

Illustrate your own book cover and be in with a chance to see your work featured in the Art Gallery

For Everyone

Take part in this exciting free-to-enter competition to have a piece of your art on display in Rugby Art Gallery and Museum! Create your own marvellous, magical or mysterious story and create a cover which tells that story or reimagine the cover of your favourite book.

We encourage you to be creative and have fun with whatever materials or medium you choose.
For children and young people aged 5-18, with an overall winner being selected for each key stage group from KS1-5.

Entry forms can be collected from Rugby Art Gallery and the Visitors Centre .  
Deadline: Friday 12th April

Chosen entries will be on display from Tuesday 14 May - Saturday 1 June 2024

For Schools
Delve into cross-curricular key concepts of identity, communication, story, and meaning by bringing this book cover competition into your classroom. Winning designs will be on display following the Quentin Blake exhibition alongside an exhibition of works from the Rugby Collection.
Deadline for bulk applications (over 30) Friday 12th April.
 Cover illustration for Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban © Quentin Blake 2017

Cover illustration for The Winter Sleepwalker by Joan Aiken © Quentin Blake 1994
Cover illustration for The Green Ship by Quentin Blake © Quentin Blake 1998
Selection of books published by Penguin. Cover illustrations © Quentin Blake 1961-1968 (photo by Justin Piperger)